About us

How we work

We provide a platform for establishing new partnerships, identifying projects and bringing cross-sector stakeholders together around common goals that represent shared value and support the SDGs and country development plans.


XSPI identifies and develops proof of concept project opportunities that represent cross-sector collaboration and demonstrate the value of new collaborative models in funding, implementing and sustaining international development objectives. 
XSPI defines a project as an effort supporting any of the 17 SDGs, with partners from at least 2 sectors (ideally minimum 3 sectors, including funders/supporters).


XSPI establishes long-term strategic partnerships that aim to broaden the XSPI network and demonstrate a shared value for cross-sector collaboration in development.  Through Strategic Partnerships, XSPI works to identify opportunities for specific, implementable projects, opportunities to evolve projects into programs at scale, connect to other new partners/project collaborators, and to amplify XSPI’s thought leadership and brand. 


XSPI serves as an advocate for cross-sector partnership in Australia’s international development work. XSPI aims to influence the field through demonstrated project impact, conducting research and engaging the next generation of leaders across sectors.  
The XSPI operating model takes a “5C” approach, serving as a Catalyst, Convenor, Collaborator, Co-creator and/or Coalition builder. 

Thought Leadership

XSPI enlists of team of research associates that conduct research in support of partner projects and broad thought leadership in cross-sector approaches to development  
Access to research is fundamental to progress and development. Importantly we believe in its ability to empower individuals and promote partnerships. We hope that by sharing our research and the research of others we can contribute to greater transparency and a shared vision for progress.  

Our History

In July 2019, Melbourne Business School , ACFID and Dr. Dan Evans hosted an Executive Roundtable of 17 senior leaders focused on International Development and the need for new working models, specfically identifying a need for new and better partnerships acroos different sectors. The Roundtable resolved to create a 12-month taskforce to define and qualify options for a structured approach to strengthen cross-sector partnerships, focusing on the five stakeholder sectors of business, government, NGO/non-profits, philanthropy/private capital, and academia/health/medical research.

XSPI was initiated in July 2020 as an independent, volunteer-based initiative with the mandate to enhance cross-sector development partnerships in three priority geographies: Bangladesh, Indonesia and PNG, representing South Asia, Southeast Asia and Melanesia. Working Groups of knowledgeable country experts were created to identify project and strategic partnership opportunities.

A Unique Approach

We are not a funder, fundraiser, or implementer, but a platform for connection to new partners, access to relevant information and a resource for opportunities to co-create projects. We are independent and provide services at zero cost. 

Our Leadership Team

XSPI Steering Committee

XSPI Advisory Council

  • Robert Dunn (Chair)
  • Kylie Porter (Co-chair)
  • Dominie Brear (Secretariat)
  • Zoey Diaz (CEO)
  • Business
  • Peter Botten (Chair Accel, former Oil Search CEO)
  • Dr. Dan Evans (ex-WMC, ex-Accenture)
  • Laiza Garcia (ERS)
  • Phil Turtle (Former Chair, Australia Indonesia Business Council)
  • Dr. Ana Andrews (Pitt Sherry)
  • Julianne Rose (Social Economy Group)
  • Muchtazar (Nickel Industries Ltd.)
  • Government
  • Claire Moore (Former QLD Senator)
  • Andrew Parker (NSW Government)
  • Philanthropy/Private Capital
  • Robert Dunn
  • Julie Rosenburg (AIDN)
  • Farhad Reza (Build Bangladesh Impact Enterprise)
  • Academia/Health/Medical Research
  • Prof. Glenn Hoetker (MBS)
  • Prof. Andrew MacIntyre (Monash University)
  • Brendan Allen (Burnet Institute)
  • Geoff Scahill (Abt Associates)
  • Shane Nichols (ACFID)
  • Francis Woods (Save the Children)
  • Peter Rudd (CID)

XSPI Expert Network

  • Alan Atwell
  • Wendy Emerton
  • Michael Conan-Davies
  • Navancca Eyres
  • Dr. Tim Grice
  • Ray Hughes-Odgers
  • Kristie Laird
  • Prerana Mehta
  • Gavin Murray
  • Akuntina Novriani
  • Diane Pekiolai
  • Atom Rahman
  • Kristina Ringwood
  • Dr. Bruce Rohrlach
  • Dr. Nia Sarianastiti
  • Alex Schultz
  • Tori Stuckey
  • Dr. Tim Siegenbeek v Heukelom
  • Karen James
  • Brian Borgonha
  • Kevin Evans
  • Ben Giles
  • Ash Rogers
  • Jennifer Ross
  • Mark Ingram
  • Dr. Mike Bourke
  • Dr. Russell Corlett
  • Dr. Nawshad Haque
  • Dr. Kris Hort
  • Ross Hutton
  • Dr. Michelle Imison
  • Prof. Brett Inder
  • Dr. Jenny Kerrison
  • Rumana Parveen
  • Margaret Pearce
  • Jeff Smith
  • Dr. Russ Stephenson
  • Dr. Grace Wangge
  • Jeff Bost
  • Paul Brown
  • Jess Carter
  • Dr. Elizabeth Cox
  • Kevin Evans
  • Steve Goudswaard
  • Dr. Jackie Pomeroy
  • Bec Lannin
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