Cross Sector Development Partnerships Initiative (XSPI)

XSPI’s Unique Value Proposition Is To Incubate, Seed Or Accelerate Cross-Sector Partnerships Across Asia Pacific Providing Solid, Long-Term, Future Platforms To Create Diverse Development Projects In Close Partnership With National Partners And Aligned With SDG’s.


Monash Indonesia & XSPI 2022 Webinar series

Cross Sector Development Partnerships Initiative (XSPI) is so pleased to launch a series of webinars in partnership with Monash University Indonesia.


In partnership with Accenture, XSPI has released their latest Sustainable Business Models report. Read now to discover how the latest global environmental, economic, and societal forces are impacting business models.

XSPI is delighted to announce the recent signing of a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


XSPI is a collective impact approach focused on creating development impact across Asia Pacific among Australia’s business, government, NGO’s/NFP, academia/health/medical research and philanthropy/private capital stakeholder sectors contributing jointly with national partners to international development.

All XSPI facilitated development projects are locally lead and own, aligning with host country SDGs and development plan priorities.

XSPI Is Committed To The UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Key SDG’s reflected across all our current work

XSPI’s 5C’s Approach

XSPI Is A Catalyst, Convenor, Collaborator Co-Creator And Coalition Builder.

XSPI’s unique value proposition is to incubate, seed or accelerate cross-sector partnerships across Asia Pacific providing solid, long-term, future platforms to create diverse development projects in close partnership with national partners and aligned with the SDG’s.

XSPI’s collective impact approach to supporting expanded Asia Pacific SDG aligned development and increased impact should increment sector confidence stimulating increased financial commitments.

XSPI is not a project funder or project manager; both roles responsibility of individual project consortium.

Our Unique Structure

Advisory Council

17 Executives from selected entities across five stakeholder sector provides strategic oversight.

Steering Committee

7 members: Chair, Advisory Councillors & Working groups Convenors providing governance

Research Agenda

Targeted empirical research on key themes critical to XSPI effectiveness, completed pro bono by DFAT New Colombo Plan Scholars, Global Health Alliance, Griffith University, MBS, RMIT, UQ.

Expert Network

36 Strong diverse group of Asia Pacific development and business experts

Bangladesh, Indonesia and PNG Working Groups

Country expert groups (Councillors, Expert Network, Co-opted experts) identify “proof of concept” partnership pilot projects, qualify, endorse & construct partnership consortia

Join Our Collaborative Approach

XSPI’s Current And Proposed Proof Of Concept Projects


Wall Community Piggery Enterprise


Bali Dengue Fever Elimination



Western Province Nutrition


Timor-Leste & Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Malaria Elimination

Research Agenda

  • Sustainable NGO Business Models
  • International Development Knowledge Platform
  • Global XSP Leaders
  • Private Capital Sector Status
  • Stakeholder Sector Activity Mapping

Research Agenda & Progress

Jan 2022 status of 18-month research agenda supporting XSPI Development Project

Stakeholder Sector Activity Mapping

  • Map 5 sectors activity reach & partnering history since 2017
  • Melanesia, Southeast Asia & South Asia
  • 140 entities across 5 stakeholder entities across 19 Asia Pacific countries
Inform potential priorities for country, theme and XSPI partnering pilot project options

Global XSP Leaders

  • Map recent country based experiences, identify effective practices, key challenges
  • Nordics, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada; last 3-5 years history
Well informed insight into cross sector partnerships global status/learnings

Sustainable NGO Business Models

  • Examine status of emerging, sustainable business models for NGO’s replacing or augmenting traditional donor funded models
  • Key focus is International and regional NGO’s operating from Australia & ACFID members
Provide insight into current NGO business models, sustainable options and transitioning status

Private Capital Sector Status

  • Development sector currently lacks clear insight into private capital status & investment criteria
  • Phase 1: “snapshot” of Australia’s private capital/impact investing/philanthropic sector’s current status related to Asia Pacific development
  • Conduct survey of leading 10-15 Australian private capital entities
Provide late 2021 insight into status quo of private capital approach to Asia Pacific development funding

Knowledge Platform Creation

  • Case studies, thought leadership, key foundation references, partnering frameworks & toolkits
  • Unique cross sector partnering knowledge centre aligned with XSPI objectives
Case studies; other components support scoping, implementing, sustaining partnerships University of Queensland
Well Advanced
Assessed & Terminated

Our Journey

About us

If you are passionate about International Development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia Pacific … Contact us!

Advisory Council


  • Peter Botten (Chair Accel, former Oil Search CEO)
  • Dr. Dan Evans (ex-WMC, ex-Accenture)
  • Andrew Parker (PwC)
  • Phil Turtle (Past President Australia Indonesia Business Council)


  • Claire Moore (Former Senator)
  • Howard Hall (ACIAR)

Philanthropy/Private Capital

  • Julie Rosenburg (AIDN)
  • Farhad Reza (Build Bangladesh Impact Enterprise)

Academia/Health/Medical Research

  • Prof. Glenn Hoetker (MBS)
  • Dr. Gary Veale (Alt) (MBS)
  • Professor Abid Khan (Monash University)
  • Brendan Allen (Burnet Institute)
  • Geoff Scahill (Abt Associates)


  • Karen James (B4D)
  • Shane Nichols (ACFID)
  • Mat Tinkler (Save the Children)
  • Julianne Rose (Social Economy Group)
  • Dr. Ana Klincic Andrews (Consultant)


  • Laiza Garcia, Advisory Council; KPMG

Former Advisory Council Participants

  • Morgana Ryan (Chair Infoxchange, CARE, ex-Accenture)
  • Kylie Porter (Global Compact Network Australia)
  • Victoria Thom (Alt) (Relationship Brokers Assoc.)
  • Julie Mundy (Relationship Brokers Assoc.)
  • Sam Byfield (Victorian DHHS)
Philanthropy/Private Capital
  • Sally McCutchan (Impact Investing Australia)
  • Sabina Curatolo (Impact Investing Australia)
  • Andrew Egan (DFAT)
  • Sally Truong (DFAT)
  • Sheila Lunter (AusTrade)
Expert Network
  • Yasmin Ahmed
  • Alan Atwell
  • Brian Borgonha
  • Jeff Bost
  • Dr. Mike Bourke
  • Ron Brew
  • Sam Byfield
  • Jessica Carter
  • Zoey Diaz
  • Robert Dunn
  • Kevin Evans
  • Rejwana Farha
  • Peter Falvey
  • Ben Giles
  • Steve Goudswaard
  • Dr. Nia Sarinastiti
  • Dr. Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom
  • Alex Schmidt
  • Jeff Smith
  • Dr. Russ Stephenson
  • Peter Yates
  • Dr. Jodi York
  • Yuli Ismartono
  • Dr. Nawshad Haque
  • Ray Hughes-Odgers
  • Ross Hutton
  • Dr. Brett Inder
  • Mark Ingram
  • Kymberley Kepore
  • Dr. Jenny Kerrison
  • Kirsty Laird
  • Renee Martin
  • Prerana Mehta
  • Gavin Murray
  • Akuntina Novriani
  • Jeff Parker
  • Rumana Parveen
  • Ian Porter
  • Ash Rogers
PNG Working Group
  • Kirsty Laird (Convenor)
  • Kymberley Kepore
  • Steven Goudswaard
  • Karen James
  • Dr. Russ Stephenson (Convenor)
  • Ron Brew (Convenor)
  • Ross Hutton
  • Dr. Dan Evans
  • Ray Hughes-Odgers
  • Dr. Mike Bourke
  • Peter Botten
  • Laiza Garcia
Indonesia Working Group
  • Dr. Dan Evans
  • Brendan Allen
  • Ben Giles
  • Dr. Brett Inder
  • Dr. Nia Sarinastiti
  • Kevin Evans
  • Oliver Paul (Research Intern)
  • Akuntina Novriani
  • Sam Byfield
  • Jess Parker
  • Jeffery Smith
  • Zoey Diaz (Convenor)
  • Jasmine Stephens (Research Associate)
  • Yuli Ismartono
  • Laiza Garcia
Bangladesh Working Group
  • Rumana Parveen
  • Robert Dunn (Convenor)
  • Farhad Reza
  • Peter Falvey
  • Mark Ingram
  • Dr. Yasmin H. Ahmed
  • Dr. Nawshad Haque (Convenor)
  • Jessica Carter (Convenor)
  • Rejwana Farha (Convenor)
  • Peter Yates
  • Dr. Dan Evans
  • Laiza Garcia
  • Dakota Warren (Research Associate)
  • Dr. Ana Klincic Andrews

XSPI Partners & Network

XSPI Steering Committee Members

Dr. Dan Evans

XSPI Founding Chair & Executive Director Bangladesh, Indonesia & PNG Working Groups

Julie Rosenberg

XSPI Advisory Council

Robert Dunn

XSPI Expert Network & Bangladesh Working Group Convenor

Laiza Garcia

XSPI Advisory Council

Karen James

XSPI Advisory Council & PNG Working Group

Jeffery Smith

XSPI Expert Network & Indonesia Working Group Convenor

Ron Brew

Expert Network Member & PNG Working Group Convenor

Dr. Ana Klincic Andrews

Advisory Council Member